Thursday, October 29, 2009

100 / Honored

This is my 100th post and I wanted to post something really amassing and fantastic... so I have been doing some thinking, and the most amassing and fantastic thing I could think of is my boys! I am completely honored, honored to be Dillon and Carson's mom. I am so proud of my boys, and I could have never imagined the love I have for them and that it grows more every day. How I ever got so lucky I will never know, but I hope that they know more than anything else how much I love and cherish them. Dillon, what a unique little boy. I have never come across a four year old quite like him. Some of his favorite foods consist of steak, sloppy jo's and the soup from the olive garden. He is not a huge fan of pizza, fries, and I could not get him to drink pop if his life depended on it. His love for Construction equipment makes me laugh. One of his first words was tractor, and when we would back up, he would always say “beep beep beep”. He has seen at least a thousand “tractors” and to this day still gets excited about each and every one of them. He knows more about construction equipment than most adults, and I keep asking myself if this phase will ever end? I can not even describe what an amassing big brother he is. I am so proud of him and that he has embraced the big brother roll so well. He is always willing to help, he loves Carson and loves to give him kisses. He loves to make him smile, and he just generally loves being around him. One night we were talking about having just a mom, dad and Dillon night out. Dillon in turn said “but what about Carson, he's my brother and I love him and will miss him”! Dillon is willing to share some of his most prized possessions with Carson just to make him happy. I could go on and on, but I will stop. I cherish our every day conversations and the imagination he has. Dillon's adventures keep me going, going, going but he is worth every second and am so happy that he is mine!Carson, I just say his name and smile! His big chubby face can light up ANY room and he is so good at it! From the second he was born he has so many facial expressions. He is the best crusty giver I have ever seen, but his huge smile makes up for it! He is starting to enjoy so many new things, and I can not wait for all our adventures to began. He has the most gentle cry I have ever heard, and can complain if he is not getting what he needs or wants without the annoying squeal, it's just tender. I love rocking with him, and just starring at his precious face. I love how he watches every move you make. I love our little conversations we have. I love that he knows me. He is so big, but he is only four months old, I wish he would just stop growing for half a second so I can enjoy him being “little” because at this rate... he will pass Dillon in no time! Carson, thank you so much for your smile, it truly melts my heart! Thank you for being patience with your crazy mom and brother, thank you for being more than I could ever imagine and most of all, thank you for just being you, you make our house a happy one!

Again, to the love's of my life, thank you so much for all the smiles you bring to my life. I know that I am lucky to be your mom and I only hope that you will always know how much you mean to me, you are my world and I couldn't live with out you! I LOVE YOU!


Kristin said...

You do have the most precious little boys! I wish we were closer so we could spend more time with them. I hate missing out on this wonderful time as Carson grows from baby to toddler. Thanks for the pictures. Give them both loves from me.

Brandon and Dusty said...

That last pic of the boys is super cute!!

Ashley Rae said...

This is so sweet. What a good mom you are :)