Friday, September 25, 2009

A little update

Busy busy busy... that just about sums it up. Carson is getting bigger by the hour, and I am just completely in love with his little personality. Dillon is the best big brother around and helps in any way possible. His favorite thing lately is burping him... he loves to help pat his back and will get mad if you help him. Dillon being in school three days a week has defiantly keep us busy, but he is so happy to go. Dillon finally got to go the “farm” that he has been asking about. (see older post) My good friend Allison and her son came with us to this really cute “farm” that had SO much to pick and see. Allison and I had fun picking all the yummy veggies... and the boys had a blast throwing dirt around. More adventures to come I promise... until then, happy fall!

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