Monday, August 24, 2009

A little help please!

So Dillon is just about the cutest thing lately and who knows why kids say or do what they do, they just do. Dillon has been into fruits and vegetables lately and would love to grow a garden, or have an apple tree or just see it in real life. I would love to take him to a farm or someplace that he could see as many things as possible that grow. Does anybody out there know of ANY place that has all sorts of different fruit trees or gardens that grow all the yummy vegetables that we could go pick?!? Thanks, and enjoy my cute boys..... I just love them!


Heidi said...

Hmm? Good question. I'm wondering is fruit out of season here in UT? I know Apple's are in season in the fall as with some vegetable and for sure pumpkins. Try googling it.

allison garcia said...

There is a farm in Layton that lets you go pick your own stuff. I would think there was one closer to you if you didn't want to drive all the way out here. But if you did you could have a buddy to go with you. It is actually owned by my neighbors dad. Not that that really matters but its kinda cool I guess.

Ashley Rae said...

That is a really good question. I've never heard of any, really... um- good luck with that. lol.