Thursday, July 16, 2009

One month

I blinked and look what happened, my baby turned one month old today! I have never met a mom that hasn’t said this, so I will not be the one to break the cycle but they grow SO FAST!!! I wish that I had pictures to post, but due to technical difficulty the pictures will have to wait. He is growing like a weed and eating more than me! I finally took him to the doctors because he is eating up to SIX ounces every three hours, and he is only four weeks old. They told me that he most likely has acid reflux and has been put on medication. He is attempting to smile and his sleeping habits are getting better. I cannot believe how crazy my life has become but I sure love my little guy and all I have to do is look at him to realize that the crazy life is all worth it. Pictures to come soon…. I promise!


Kristen said...

And to think one month and one week ago you were sitting there so saaaaad because they moved your induction date back. Time flies.

Ashley Rae said...

PICTURES!!! Time really does fly. And they grow way way way too fast.

We would have stopped to say hi last night, but I didn't even see that you wrote anything until I got home from the concert. :( Too bad. It would have been fun to see you!! Next time for sure.

NatBug said...

Shut up!!! 1 month? Wow time flies!