Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our week of fun… NOT!

I am so disappointed, I was looking so forward to doing all sorts of fun stuff with Dillon all week long, just me and my little buddy for one last hooray, but the rain had other plans for us. Monday we decided to go to Classic skating, but it was PACKED with three different schools there. Tuesday we had planned on a picnic in the park, it was raining so instead we did it in my kitchen. Wednesday I had had it and decided to go to the Zoo, after only being there for an hour we were DRENCHED and ready to go. Today we were going to go to Wheeler Farm, and see the animals, ride the tractor and feed the ducks…. but again the rain! I am so sad that my week didn’t go as planned but was still happy to spend every last second with Dillon that I could. I have had the best four years with him, and I will miss “our” time but I believe we are giving him the best gift we can…. his little brother. Wish me lots of luck for tomorrow, and I will post pictures as soon as I can!