Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a fun filled Easter weekend! It started out with my mom coming to visit from St. George, then on Saturday morning we headed off to a huge Easter egg hunt, where Dillon collected lots of candy! We then headed off to Wheeler Farms to see some animals and take a tractor ride. It was PACKED and the line for the tractor ride was 45 minutes long, so we promised to take him back another day. Easter morning Dillon woke up to the Easter Bunny who left him more candy (just what every kid needs right?) and some fun little toys. We headed off for an Easter breakfast and sent my mom home. Later that day Chris’s family all came over for a hunt of eggs in my house (more candy of course!). I think all the kids had fun, it sure was fun to see all of them. We finally settled down to a nice dinner and headed off to bed! It was a great weekend…. Hope you all had fun as well!


allison garcia said...

Wow, where did you find a dump truck basket. Im sure he would have been happy with just that. I didn't get Micah much candy because I knew he would get it everywhere else. Is that bad? Anyway, glad to see you had fun.

Ashley Rae said...

So I love that picture with the bubbles. Awesome.

grandpa craig said...

Nice bubbles! And that has to be the coolest easter basket in the whole valley!