Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday my big boy!

On Saturday was my little boy’s 4th Birthday! I can hardly believe I have a four year old! I say this all too much but I am so happy to have Dillon in my life. I must have done something right somewhere to deserve him. I never dreamed I could get such a good kid… he is so sweet and makes my whole world brighter! Happy Birthday Dillon!

Naturally we had a “Tonka” party; we invited family over for some lunch and played some games. Thanks for all his great presents, he really enjoyed them!

His big present from mom and dad was his ride on dump truck (he has been calling it his jeep?) You deserve the best Dillon and I hope you hade a great day! I love you!

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Heidi said...

Happy birthday dillon!

Since Dillon is such a good kid, I hope your new baby cries all throughout the night.... Just kidding. I really dont.

Hope all is well