Friday, March 27, 2009

fun memories

I love Dillon for so many reasons, and I would like to remember everything I can about all the silly things he says and does, here are a couple

We were eating hamburgers one night, with seedless buns, and Dillon says to me “Hey Mom, why does this one not have white sprinkles on it?”

The other day I was lying on the bed, and he comes in with a little ball he had. He started rolling it at my belly, I was blocking it with my hand, and he got irritated with me and told me to stop because he was playing ball with his brother.

He has ALWAYS said he needs to “lawn the mow” not “mow the lawn”

He was in the bath tub the other morning and I warned him for the bazillionth time not to drink the water. He said, “Ok” then he said in such a serious voice “but are you serious?”

Thanks for the memories and endless smiles buddy, keep them coming!


Kristin said...

The playing ball with his brother is absolutely priceless. What a sweetheart. Be sure to keep writing these all down. You will both love reading them when he is older.

Ashley Rae said...

LOL... yes, my favorite is that he was playing ball with his brother. Classic. Kids are just so hilarious.