Tuesday, March 24, 2009

first day of what?

On Friday was the official first day of Spring, or was it? Dillon came into me the other morning saying “mom, it snowed!” I was thinking ya ya, some flurries… and when I got up to open the blinds to my surprise we had SNOW!!! It snowed pretty much the rest of the day. I thought we were done with the snow, but was pleasantly surprised by the Christmas look. I will probably be getting a lot of “hate” messages, but I love the snow, I think it is so pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I like the beautiful sunshine too, I just like all seasons, and why hurry up the years any faster than they are already flying by! This picture really does not do justice, a lot had melted today, but we still had quite a bit left.


Heidi said...

Hate message. Yes, I hate the snow.

Ashley Rae said...

This is your second hate message. I very much dislike the snow. I like it in november and december. But then it needs to stop.

I love your house!

Holly said...

neither love nor hate, just some sympathy. We had the same thing up here. I know, I know we're in the great white north but still when you hear it's spring you expect the thaw not more snow.