Friday, February 13, 2009

ME! (Yeek!)

Ok, I swore I would never do this, but looking back, I think I have ONE picture of me pregnant with Dillon and I have no idea how big I really got… so I decided to share with you all. I am currently 22 weeks along (five and a half months) and feeling HUGE! We still don’t have a name yet, but hopefully soon?!? He is VERY VERY active at night, and you can actually see him punching and rolling around in there…. pretty cool and freaky at the same time. Other than that, nothing really too new and exciting going here in the Erickson household. I hope you all have a great Valentines Day!


allison garcia said...

ahh.... cute belly. You look so much like your mom in that 2nd pic. Don't you love them kicking, Thats the best! Glad to hear you are doing well.

Ashley Rae said...

Aww, you look great!! And no, you don't look huge. You look the perfect size for 22 weeks :) It's a good idea to take pictures! I had Justin take one of me every time I had a Dr. appointment- so I have one every month to compare. It was pretty cool.

The kicking/moving around is my favorite thing about's so sweet :)

wurstens5 said...

My how you have grown. Just kidding, and no you don't look huge. Just be lucky you don't gain 60 lbs each pregnancy.