Monday, January 12, 2009

A story to remember

The other night Dillon was eating soup, drinking the broth and swishing it around in his mouth. Under normal circumstances I don’t think this would bother me too much… but the pregnant me is very sensitive to these types of things. Here is the conversation…
Me: Dillon, please stop doing that.
Dillon: Why?
Me: Because I asked you too.
Dillon: Why?
Me: Because I asked you too and it grosses mommy out, I don’t like it!
Dillon: But you do it!
Me: No I don’t!
Dillon: Yes you do!

Me: No I do not, now please stop and just finish eating!

I look at Chris with a big grin on his face…

Chris: Hey Dillon, tell mommy when she does this! (He obviously could see where this is going)
Dillon: You do this every morning after you brush your teeth!
How could I help but not laugh! I just looked at Chris and said, “Ok, now how do I explain this one!” I just love my baby!


wurstens5 said...

so Cute. I love kids,

Kristin said...

Oh, he's funny. And thank goodness for Chris, who could defuse this tricky situation. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't ever forget, they'll always do what you do, not what you say...

Kristin said...

Well, unless they are saying what you say. :)