Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nothing too new for the New Year

Nothing too much new and exciting to report, I just have some random pictures to share, so here you go. I went to the Doctors yesterday and everything looked and sounded great! I feel like I have a huge pot belly and ate too much for the holidays (I know that the worst is yet to come!). I still get sick, but I am slowly getting a little better. I can actually feel it moving around in there, what a weird feeling! My doctor went to measure me and she saw it moving, I went to sit up, and of course it stopped, she told me to lay down again, and Chris jumped up… but naturally….. it stopped moving! I feel weird calling it an “it”. I know it’s a girl, but I can’t officially say that until the 19th (when we find out!) I am excited to prove myself right and Chris is just happy to know. That’s all for now, hope all the New Year resolutions are going good so far, mine is just to keep reminding myself that this is all worth it!


Dani Peek said...

I totally thought Rylee (my oldest) was a boy... I hope your premonitions are more accurate than mine were! Be sure to let us know when you find out for sure she's a girl. :) Cute pics!

Kristin said...

J'Neil is predicting it's a girl. :)