Sunday, January 25, 2009

my mom, and the snow

My mom came up last weekend and she insisted that we go sledding, not just anywhere but up to the mountains. We get up there and she was being a total wuss! She went down ONE time and from then on keep saying how scared she was! She would start from about ¼ the way up from the bottom and go from there. If she did go from the top, she would put her hands and feet down to “slow” herself down, hurting her hands and ankles in the process. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my mom to death, but she was just making herself scared, and I was getting frustrated. Dillon was going down from the top but he was on Chris lap (mind you he is only 3). Jokingly Chris asked my mom if she wanted to go on his lap, and she happily agreed (only seeing how safe Dillon was), that alone made me laugh. I thought this was a bad idea, but I guess I really didn’t see show bad of an idea it really was until they were almost to the bottom, I really and truly have NO idea how this happened, but Chris’s tube stopped dead on the hill and my mom went flying face first in the snow! Now this wasn’t a graceful fall, this was a full blown face plant! I was at the top laughing so hard, but trying to keep it to myself. Chris felt so bad! All and all she got a fat lip, a bloody nose, and we stopped giving her a hard time about going down again, but it was just about the funniest thing I have ever seen. I love you mom, thanks for the laugh!


Anonymous said...
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Dani Peek said...

OOOooooh! Your poor cute Mom! Those pictures are pretty funny stuff. Hopefully her faceplant doesn't make her even more afraid of sledding in the future... it is a pretty dangerous activity, apparently. I never knew.

wurstens5 said...

That is so funny that you are sitting on christophers lap!!! Sorry mom, that you got a fat lip and a bloody nose. Looks like fun.

Ashley Rae said...

Hey!! Mash mash, here! (I believe you were Peach Peach...)

I didn't know you had a blog! I'm glad I know, now. I will add you to mine, for sure (if it's ok). :)

Dillon is so cute- and he's so big! I completely forgot that you had a little boy. And you're preggers!? Congrats :) That's so exciting that you'll have another boy. We are hoping to get pregnant this summer, once Justin graduates... we'll see.

Sorry about your mom- that would have made me laugh, too. Haha.